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17 October 2016

FarmConnect® furrow irrigation automation wins award

Rubicon’s FarmConnect has won the Innovation and Technology Award at Elmore Field Days for the second time. Elmore is an Australian event which showcases the latest advances in agricultural technology and innovation. This year...

08 February 2016

Site Management Solution for Rio Choapa, Chile

Junta de Vigilancia del Río Choapa (JVRCH) in Chile has chosen to implement a Rubicon Site Management Solution to manage its 33 river offtakes. The solution involves installing FlumeGates™ at each of the offtakes, two radio...

25 January 2016

Central Plains water flows

In September 2015 water flowed through turnouts in New Zealand’s Central Plains Irrigation District for the first time. The new district is located in the Canterbury region, south of the South Island’s largest city, Christchurch....

02 December 2015

Rubicon wins major export award

Rubicon Water has won the Environmental Solutions category at the Australian Export Awards . Rubicon is one of the world’s leading providers of solutions that improve the operation of gravity-fed irrigation supply networks. ...

07 October 2015

Rubicon Water receives export award

Rubicon Water has won the Environmental Services Award at this year’s Victoria Export Awards. The awards recognise the Australian state of Victoria’s most successful and innovative exporters. The company’s exports...

03 June 2015

MicronLevel® ultrasonic water level sensor upgrade

The MicronLevel ultrasonic water level sensor found in Rubicon products and used as a stand-alone device has been upgraded and is progressively being rolled out across the product range. The MicronLevel sensor consists of a transducer...

20 April 2015

ACE1000 RTU to supersede MOSCAD-M in Rubicon products

The MOSCAD-M Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)has been superseded and is to be replaced by the next generation Motorola ACE1000 in newly manufactured Rubicon products. The RTU, located in the pedestal component of Rubicon’s products,...

09 January 2015

FarmConnect customer wins top water award

Llanreath Agricultural Enterprises, owned by Mackenzie and Robin Craig, has won the irrigation district water user category in the Victorian Rural Water Awards in Australia for the outstanding results achieved with FarmConnect. The awards...
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