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Rubicon Water delivers advanced technology to optimize gravity irrigation

Our solutions combine irrigation control gates and flow meters with innovative software and advanced remote control engineering to improve the management of water in canal distribution systems and on the farm. With better management and control, water availability can be increased for all users and customer service and equity improved, enabling farmers to grow higher-value crops using less labor, water and energy.

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TCC® (Total Channel Control®) is an advanced technology set that improves the management and productivity of water in open canal irrigation distribution. TCC products interact and work together to help managers improve the availability of water, management and control, service and equity to users and health and safety for canal operators.

FarmConnect® is Rubicon Water's product range for farmers. FarmConnect’s modular hardware and software enables precisely-timed application of water to crops using high-flow, precision surface irrigation. With FarmConnect, farmers can grow higher-value crops using less labor, water and energy.