Rubicon Water

We are dedicated to improving gravity-fed irrigation

About Rubicon

Rubicon Water has a vision to sustainably increase global food and fibre production through improved water use efficiency. We do this by delivering advanced technology to managers of gravity fed irrigation networks, enabling them to manage their water resources with unprecedented levels of efficiency and control. Irrigation authorities can now deliver accurately measured, constant high-flow, on-demand water to farmers utilizing existing open canal systems with limited outfalls at the end of canals. With this level of service, farmers are better positioned to make irrigation management decisions, receiving the water their plants need, when they need it at the rate they need it, avoiding wastage and fertilizer runoff.

Rubicon is the only company in the world that is totally focused upon improving large scale, gravity fed irrigation systems. This gives us a unique ability to provide our customers with solutions that are built exactly to solve the distinct and special problems that our customers face, unlike the traditional approach of adapting components that were designed for another purpose or another industry. Consequently our customers have the peace of mind that our solutions can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and with low risk. 

To achieve our dedicated focus, we employ the widest range of specialists of any company in the field, a distinct advantage that Rubicon brings to our customers. These include civil, electrical, control and agricultural engineers, skilled radio frequency technicians, systems analysts, database experts and software programmers, SCADA design engineers, mechanical design draftsmen, expert electricians, solar power designers, machinists and boilermakers. All are focused upon practically solving real-world problems and continuous improvement of our products and solutions.

Rubicon designs, develops, manufactures and tests all its own products and proudly boasts ISO 9001:2015 certification attesting to the highest standards in the process of design and manufacturing. Our research and development facility includes the largest hydraulic flow and testing laboratory of its type in the Southern Hemisphere where our meters and gates are tested to international standards. A wide array of global patents over new technology built into TCC® components confirms our focus upon innovation and improvement in our solutions.

Our pioneering research into the hydraulic control of channels in collaboration with the University of Melbourne has led to many important breakthroughs in flow measurement and control theory and which have been recognized by governmental and academic awards including the prestigious Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Clunies Ross Awards. Today we jointly own the intellectual property of many patents with the University of Melbourne.

Established in 1995 Rubicon Water has designed, built and installed over 25,000 control and measurement devices in TCC and FarmConnect® systems sold to more than 50 customers in 10 countries. We have offices in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Spain and China and agents in many other countries.

Our Mission

We deliver and maintain innovative technology solutions that increase water use efficiency and improve supply reliability to support sustainable global food and fibre production.

Our Vision

Rubicon’s vision is to be the market leader in delivering cost-effective, reliable and practical water management solutions to assist the world’s rural water and agribusiness managers in maximizing the beneficial use of water.

Our Values

These values are the guiding set of principles that define the way we do business:

Collaboration - We work collectively to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.
Innovation - Our creative ingenuity makes us better, faster, first.
Commitment - We are fully committed to delivering on our promises.
Respect - We respect and value everyone we work with, and the contribution that they make.
Engagement - We all work with purpose, care and pride.